Samstag, 31. Dezember 2016

Hans Kychenthal im Buch "Memoria Viva"

Im gerade in Chile erschienenen Buch "Memoria Viva" wird auch die Geschichte der Familie Kychenthal erzählt. Das Foto hier stammt aus dem Buch; das Projekt wird auf dieser chilenischen Website vorgestellt:

Hans Kychenthal im Buch "Memoria Viva" Foto:artepopular

Kurz vor Weihnachten schrieb mir Hans Kychenthal dazu diese Zeilen:

"The photo is one that shows me overlooking and sorting documents (...), it was published in a book called “ Memoria Viva “ - Live Memory - it tells the story of the survivors, many of them of concentration camps and their recilation, it is shocking to see how quickly this generation will no longer be able to tell their histories. This book will be sent to universities and schools over Chile. I had no idea that I would be mentioned, I never felt a survivor but looking back surly many acts of my live I have acted a one.
This year, Christmas and Januka fall the same day, a moon calendar curiosity, so we, together with our families will celebrate and ask for peace the same night, and drink a cup of champagne, a few days later for the best of a new year in heath and prosperity!"

Ganz diesem Sinne wünsche ich allen ein gutes Jahr 2017!